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In: Ricette Dolci23 dicembre 2007
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Struffoli is the most typical Christmas dessert in Naples. It consist of many little dough balls, less than 5-10 mm in diameter, that are fried and covered with hot homey. Struffoli are usually arranged in a ring-shaped fashion on a platter; at the end it is covered with little pieces of citron, candied fruit and candy sprinkles.

It is traditional at Christmas time that all the women of the family gather together to male struffoli (same thing happens at Easter when we make pastiera instead): three generations reunited to make struffoli. This is our recipe…Merry Christmas to everybody!

3 eggs
1 lemon
3 teaspoon sugar
3 teaspoon limoncello (lemon flavoured liquor)
40 gr oilseed
1 knob of butter
400 gr flour (highly refined Italian flour high in protein)
250 gr honey
1 package of candy sprinkles
1 package of silver coloured candies
1 package of anise candies

Form a ring with the flour. Put butter, sugar, limoncello, the grated lemon skin and oil in the middle.


Start kneading and gradually absorb all the flour


Work the dough until it will stick to your hands


Make rope-shaped strings of dough and cut them into small pieces (more or less the same process to make gnocchi).


Pour the oilseed in a frying pan and throw the little dough pieces in it when the oil is hot.



Cook until golden brown, lift the struffoli with a perforated spoon and let them drain. Take a terrine and pour some honey in it. Then put the struffoli into the terrine.


When finish frying all the struffoli, pour the rest of the honey on them and mix


Arrange them on a platter in a ring shape putting them in the middle and stretching them to the borders.


Decorate them with the sprinkles and the candies


We made a lot of them


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Italian Struffoli
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Italian Struffoli

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